Design and Innovate

Our Focus

“Design and Innovate” is our motto since the Cliffton. Ltd has established 27 years ago today. We provide tailor-make proposals to our clients, design and produce high quality and dedicated items for various industries continuously.
Go to Car Industry

Car Industry

Car mudguards, vehicle toolboxes and other machine accessories for various car types…

Go to Concrete Industry

Concrete Industry

Dedicated plastic’s chemical containers and large tanks (1,250L – 20,000L), cone bottom tanks, dosing tanks(100L- 1,000L), spill controls, fence and ladders, fitting and accessories…

Go to Hotel / Laundry Facilities & Dry Cleaning Services Industries

Hotel / Laundry Facilities & Dry Cleaning Services Industries

Dedicated plastic laundry trolleys, clothes hanger trolley, stainless steel clothes racks, plastic containers, automatic adjustable height stands…

Go to Catering Industries

Catering Industries

Pastry trays and trolleys, frozen food containers, warehouse logistics trolleys and handling trolleys, cooler boxes and containers, food residue boxes and containers, cooking oil recycle boxes and containers…

Go to Road and Traffic Products

Road and Traffic Products

Traffic bollards, water-safety barriers, safe hit products, pedestrian pedal, huge water barriers for counter-terrorism measures and preventing vehicle attacks…

Go to Environmental Industries

Environmental Industries

Large collection boxes and recycling boxes, oil waste collection containers, collection boxes for used batteries and light tubes…

Go to Green/ Eco Products/ Ecological gardening

Green/ Eco Products/ Ecological gardening

Eco and environmental friendly air conditioning for shopping malls, outdoors and restaurants; large trees pots, aesthetic gardening fish pond, domestic sewage treatment ponds,  UV sterilization system…

Go to Medical Industries

Medical Industries

Plastic trolleys, medical waste and residue containers, hand gloves boxes, alcohol disinfectant boxes…

Go to Playgrounds/ Sport Courts

Playgrounds/ Sport Courts

Food and drinks selling cars and trolleys, safety fences, protective padding products, advertising stands…